/* Hello, world! */

Well, I thought of giving it a different title, but since I think I’ll be dealing with lot of computer and coding stuff here, it’s better to leave it at Hello World, huh! This blog is solely created because of Devastation. I feel that way yet needing to complete of work. Sharing personal stuff is not my thing. So guess I’ll post about the technical problems I face and the ways I used to tackle it. I think it’ll help to keep track of records too. WIN-WIN

I guess I’ll mostly write about programming, computers, softwares & tools,  gadgets, some technical problems I face and ways tried to overcome it and so on. But what to guess, anything may happen, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy my ride in here. I hope to update more frequently but let’s see how that goes. I opened a blog in blogspot years back, but never have used it after a initial post, I hope that doesn’t happen to this blog as well.

Now coming to the target audience, my friends call me geeky, so I think that pretty sums up my future posts. So if you think you’re geeky, watches anime, reads Science Fiction & Fantasy (occasionally Science & Nature), thinks animated movies are a lot better than normal ones, still stuck  at 80s music (btw I was born on 92), has a keen interest on latest technologies & gadgets, likes to tinker with both software & hardware part of the computer and importantly if you code, then this blog is for you. Delve in. Else I hope you find something interesting for you.

If, by any chance, I blog successfully throughout the next year, it’ll be a great feat to have accomplished. Plus I’ll may be have a track record of some important stuffs. Let’s see.

Hope we both find this blog useful and not a awe-full waste of time and resource. Peace.

Aniruth. Over and out.


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