I clearly have no idea what to write. Or wait. May be a little of something that kept on popping on my mind today. Since I am new to blogging and this blog is in it’s very early stages, let me tell you something. About me. My friends tell me I am arrogant. Not very but to some extent. You know what, I am arrogant and know it. But I can’t help it. Let me tell you why.

Long story short. My dad is a professor and arrogant. He never ever listens to me or understand my feelings. Now you know where I got my arrogant nature from. It grew on me.

So I am arrogant. I prefer working alone rather as a team. I believe that keeps me productive. But that’s not all. I get lot of help from lot of people in many different ways. Consider Stackoverflow and Superuser for example. I use both of them a lot, but never have credited or acknowledged them properly. I don’t want to look like a cunning fellow, I like to give back to the community as much as I receive from them. That’s why I’ve decided to stride towards the open source community. So I’ll try my best to stay open whenever possible and posts some useful tips and tutorials that might help someone somewhere sometime. Of course, I am here because of many people spread across the globe that had helped me directly or indirectly at some point of time. I wish to give it back.

I wish to engrave my motto as “INSPIRING OTHERS TO SHARE”.

This motto is derived from the tagline of one of the wonderful chef Sanjay Thumma. His way of presenting and teaching dishes and his transparent behavior has inspired me a lot. Catch his wonderful world of “INSPIRING OTHERS TO COOK” at Vahrehvah. I hope to produce some useful blogs in the future. Peace.

Aniruth. Over and out.


/* Hello, world! */

Well, I thought of giving it a different title, but since I think I’ll be dealing with lot of computer and coding stuff here, it’s better to leave it at Hello World, huh! This blog is solely created because of Devastation. I feel that way yet needing to complete of work. Sharing personal stuff is not my thing. So guess I’ll post about the technical problems I face and the ways I used to tackle it. I think it’ll help to keep track of records too. WIN-WIN

I guess I’ll mostly write about programming, computers, softwares & tools,¬† gadgets, some technical problems I face and ways tried to overcome it and so on. But what to guess, anything may happen, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy my ride in here. I hope to update more frequently but let’s see how that goes. I opened a blog in blogspot years back, but never have used it after a initial post, I hope that doesn’t happen to this blog as well.

Now coming to the target audience, my friends call me geeky, so I think that pretty sums up my future posts. So if you think you’re geeky, watches anime, reads Science Fiction & Fantasy (occasionally Science & Nature), thinks animated movies are a lot better than normal ones, still stuck¬† at 80s music (btw I was born on 92), has a keen interest on latest technologies & gadgets, likes to tinker with both software & hardware part of the computer and importantly if you code, then this blog is for you. Delve in. Else I hope you find something interesting for you.

If, by any chance, I blog successfully throughout the next year, it’ll be a great feat to have accomplished. Plus I’ll may be have a track record of some important stuffs. Let’s see.

Hope we both find this blog useful and not a awe-full waste of time and resource. Peace.

Aniruth. Over and out.